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Flexible options and outstanding value

Sunbury Transport provides the highest level of quality truckload and complete logistics services throughout Canada and the Continental United States. With a focus on full load and specializing in cross border expertise, Sunbury Transport delivers a wide range of flexible options and outstanding value.

Sunbury is driven by the highest standards in service, safety and security, as well as a clear commitment to stewardship. Whether you require van, flatbed, dry bulk, or container movement, trust Sunbury to do it right. Superior customer service combined with a 24/7 operation ensures your transportation requirements are met efficiently and cost-effectively.

Sunbury drivers are professional in every sense of the word. Recognized by the industry, they have earned one of the safest operating records on the road today. Our drivers are trained on all aspects of border crossing and proper customs procedures to ensure that cross-border shipments are handled accurately and proceed on schedule.

Sunbury - a driving force in service, safety, security and environmental stewardship.